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Bakeneko pin (Grey) LE 50

Bakeneko pin (Grey) LE 50

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Limited edition: 50 pins!

A cat with a fish tattoo wearing a yukata and holding an oil lamp?
Meet the grey bakeneko!

As per Japanese folklore, bakenekos are old cats that have turned into yōkais as they aged, giving them the ability to shapeshift into human form and imitate humans. Their favorite food is lamp oil (often made of fish oil). 

With a very mysterious feeling coming from a glitter gray bakeneko, together with the combination of blue yukata and glittery clouds, bakeneko feels like the conqueror of the night!


Hard enamel pin 

Color: Blue

Size: approximately 2” (or a little larger) 

Metal: Black nickel

Number of pin backs: 2

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